Hampton  Estate

by Denise Stephens 

About Us

Denise Stephens
is the founder, owner and operator of Hampton Estate Sales.  She began her professional career on "Wall Street" in the banking sector.  After working for several years she returned to graduate school and earned an MBA in Finance from NYU's Stern School of Business.  Post graduate school her business experience includes work in Central and Eastern Europe where she lived and worked on capital market and banking sector development.   After moving to London and starting a family she began to act on her interests in home design and decorating. Her family moved back to New York, her hometown, where her career shifted to follow her passion for home design.   She began selling real estate in the Hampton's and started Hampton Estate Sales.  The business developed naturally after years of shopping estate sales and helping friends and clients decorate and stage thier homes.  It has grown so quickly because of the impeccable service and attention Denise gives each and every one of her clients and the value she has created for both sellers and buyers alike.

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